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EURid is the not-for-profit organisation, established in Belgium, and has been selected by the European Commission to operate the new .eu top level domain.

EURid was established in a partnership between DNS BE, IIT CNR and NIC SE, operators of the country-code top level domain registries for Belgium (.be), Italy (.it) and Sweden (.se). EURid is in the process of setting up offices in those countries as well as in the Czech Republic to support 4 geographical regions.
On 12 October 2004, was signed a contract with the European Commission to operate the .eu registry, hopefully in 6-9 months.

EURid headquarters will be in Brussels and in order to provide first class support for .eu registrars across the EU, EURid intends to establish 4 additional regional offices:

  • Central Regional Office and Head quarters: Brussels, Belgium
    (supporting registrars in Belgium, France, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany & Austria with German, French, Dutch languages)

  • Northern Regional office: Stockholm, Sweden
    (supporting registrars in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania UK and Ireland with English, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian languages)

  • Southern Regional Office: Pisa, Italy
    (Supporting Registrars in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Malta, Cyprus and Slovenia with Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Maltese and Slovenian languages)

  • Eastern Regional Office: Prague, Czech Republic
    (Supporting registrars in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland with Czech, Slovak, Hungarian and Polish languages)

Pre-register your EU Domain here will make every effort to successfully register your .EU domain name. Please note that submitting a .EU domain name application during firsts days does not guarantees a successful domain name registration.

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