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Here you can find some general faq. If you need more information please contact us.

  1. When will I be able to get a .eu domain name, your web site has no dates! When will the sunrise period begin?

  2. When will it be possible to register .eu domain names?

  3. Who is entitled to register a .eu domain name?

  4. Can I pre-register a .eu domain?

  5. Can I register a .eu domain name directly with EURid?

  6. How much will it cost to register a .eu domain name?

  7. Will press announcements, relevant documents and websites be available in other languages than English?

  8. Can I protect my .eu domain name against abusive registration?

  9. Where can I find more information concerning the creation of the .eu top level domain (TLD)?

  10. I have an EU community trademark but my company is based outside of the EU. Can I register a .eu domain name?

  1. We do not have exact dates at this time but you can see the latest estimates in our tentative timetable.
    We hope will be launched the sunrise period (when only public bodies and holders of prior rights can register their names) in the 4th quarter of 2005.  General registrations will begin immediately after the 4-month sunrise period.

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  2. We do not have exact dates at this time but you can see the latest estimates in our tentative timetable.
    We hope to launch the sunrise period (when only public bodies and holders of prior rights may apply for their domain names) in the 4th quarter of 2005.  General registration will follow immediately after the 4-mon th sunirse period)

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  3. Yes. Those wanting a .eu name will need to select one of those registrars able to pre-register a .eu name.
    Once .eu registrars are accredited they are allowed to accept pre-registrations for their customers. At the start of the live registrations, they will introduce their pre-registrations in the automated systems for processing. In case certain domain names are pre-registered several times, the automated systems will determine on a "first come, first served" basis which pre-registration will eventually lead to a definitive registration (the huge load of simultaneous applications will also generate a randomising effect).

    Those who 'pre-register' a domain name should recognise that it can only be a provisional request until such time as the Registrant Terms and Conditions are available.  All .eu domain name holders will be required to formally accept the terms and conditions before their names can be registered. 

    There will first be a sunrise period to allow public bodies and holders of certain prior rights to register their names. The sunrise period will consist of two consecutive phases each lasting two months. The start of the "sunrise period" will be announced well in advance in order to allow sufficient time for the introduction of the applications.

    If you pre-register a name on which you do not have prior rights, you should be aware that it could be registered to another party who does have a right during the sunrise period.

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  4. No. The EC Regulation No 733/2002 of 22 April 2002 on the implementation of the .eu Top Level Domain determines that the registry for .eu will not act as a registrar itself.

    EURid will establish a network of .eu registrars that will have access to the automated systems of EURid for the different type of transactions (new registrations, updates, transfers.) on behalf of their customers.

    Companies and individuals that want to register a .eu domain name will have to introduce their requests with one of those .eu registrars.

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  5. We propose a registration fee of 13 (ex. VAT) during the first year of operations. This is the price that will be charged and does not take into account the additional services by the registrar for his customer such as hosting or site building.

    It is intention to lower the registration fee to 9 in the second year of operations if the number of registrations (and related revenues) allows such a decrease.

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  6. Yes. Try for italian.

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  7. Yes. Before the start of the live registrations under .eu there will be a so called "sunrise period". During this period public bodies and holders of certain rights (e.g. trademark holders) will have the opportunity to apply for the registration of the corresponding .eu domain name. The sunrise period will consist of two consecutive phases each lasting two month.

    During phase 1 only domain names that correspond with:

    • The full name of a public body

    • The acronym by which a public body is commonly know

    • If applicable, the territory which is governed by a public body

    • registered community or national trademarks

    may be applied for by the public body or holder/licensee of the trademark
    During phase 2 domain names that correspond with

    • the names listed in phase 1

    • other rights that are protected under the national law of the member state where they are held such as:

      • company names

      • business identifiers

      • distinctive titles of protected literary and artistic work

      • unregistered trademarks

      • trade names

    It is important to remember that not all the rights listed are recognised in each member state. Applicants will be required to provide the legal basis that grants the right in community law or the national law of the member state where the right is held and provide documentary evidence which is accepted to demonstrate the right under that law.

    These applications will be evaluated by appointed Validation Agents and in case of approval the ultimate registration of the corresponding .eu domain name will be done automatically through the accredited .eu registrar chosen by the applicant.

    Once the "sunrise period" has been closed and the live registrations start, domains will be attributed on a "first come, first served" basis. If, for some circumstances, you would have missed the opportunity for a protective registration during the "sunrise period" and your domain has been registered by somebody else, you will still have the possibility to claim it back by making use of the alternative dispute resolution procedures.

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  8. The initiative for the creation of a .eu TLD came from the European Commission. Background information on the different steps of implementation and reference to the legal and regulatory documents concerning .eu can be found on the following website: English French German

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  9. No. EC Regulation No 733/2002 states that only the following categories of companies, organisations and individuals will be able to register a .eu domain:

    1. undertakings having their registered office, central administration or principal place of business within the European Community;

    2. organisations established within the European Community without prejudice to the application of national law;

    3. natural persons resident within the European Community.

    The full text of the EC Regulation 733/2002 can be found here.

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Pre-register your EU Domain here will make every effort to successfully register your .EU domain name. Please note that submitting a .EU domain name application during firsts days does not guarantees a successful domain name registration.

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